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Silverlight Cairngorm

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Released: Sep 15, 2008
Updated: Sep 27, 2008 by modestyZ
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Release Notes

Update from the initial release on 09/01/2008

Article in CodeProject: Thread-safe Silverlight Cairngorm

1. Removed ServiceLocator type and IServiceLocator interface from the business namespace, as described in the CodeProject article, no need for them in Silverlight world;
2. Correspondingly, removed SilverPhotoService type from the demo project's Business namespace;
3. The implementation of singleton pattern for CairngormEventDispatcher becomes thread-safe by leveraging static constructor;
4. The CairngormEventDispatcher and dispatchEvent are simplified by using empty anonymous delegate;
5. Similarily, PropertyChangedEventHandler and NotifyPropertyChanged in ModelLocator are simplified by using anonymous delegate;
6. Added System.Windows reference in order to use Application type and Dispatcher type in ModelLocator;
7. ModelLocator is enhanced to make sure it raised binding notifications on the right thread;
8. In the demo project, changed singleton implementation for both Model and Controller to be thread-safe;
9. In the demo project, added ReadySearchAgain property to Model, it'll prevent the search from sending multiple request before the previous response comes back;

Notes 09/27/2008: The source code in this release for Silverlight Cairngorm compiles and works well with Silverlight 2 RC0, no change needed; However, the demo project needs to be updated to work with Silverlight 2 RC0, just update the <object> tag type and fwLink, and update the renamed Systerm.Windows.Controls.Extended, everything else works as usual.

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