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Silverlight Cairngorm v0.0.1.2

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Released: Oct 5, 2008
Updated: Oct 5, 2008 by modestyZ
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Release Notes

Update from 2nd release : Thread-Safe Silverlight Cairngorm

Updated Silverlight Cairngorm FrontController:
1. Changed FrontContrller's private event map Dictionary to have 2nd parameter is a Type, rather than an instance of the concrete command type, whenver a registered Cairngorm Event raised, a new cooresponding Command type will be instantiated. This will enalbe the case that same Cairngorm Event raised multiple times in a raw, then each one will be execuated by a new instance of Command type to support potential paramerised Command.

2. Added new error code: COMMANDNOTIMPLEMENT_ICOMMAND = "C0016E"; And addCommand will enfore the commandType to be added must implement ICommand, or exception will throw;

3. Added new method: FrontController::removeCommand;

4. Update method FrontController::ExecuteCommand() to use Activator creating a new instance of registered command type;

5. In Demo project, updated SilverPhotoController::SilverPhotoController() method from:

base.addCommand(SCEVENTSEARCH_PHOTO, new SearchPhotoCommand());


base.addCommand(SCEVENTSEARCH_PHOTO, typeof(SearchPhotoCommand));

2. addCommand will throw Cairngorm Exceptions if Command type is already registered.

Updated Demo Project for Silverlight 2 RC0

1. Hosting HTML changes for type in Object tag and new "fwlink" url to the RC0 runtime.

2. Updated based on breaking change #9 to have the correct reference to System.Windows.Controls for GridSplitter control in the demo project;

3. Removed HorizontalAlignment="Center" from PhotoSearch.xaml for "Go" button to leverage default "strech" alignment;

4. Hide initial loading loading unhandled error (Code 4001, Category: ImageError, Message: AGENETWORK_ERROR)

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